Business Outreach Report

This year, Sugar Grove Economic Development staff met with 20 companies, representing 896 employees.  Outreach calls focused on prime industries, such as Advanced Manufacturing, Industrial Goods, and Aeronautics and Defense sectors, but this year’s survey, also included Sugar Grove retail stakeholders.  Business outreach visits reached companies inside and outside the Village limits.  Over 60% of the companies indicated that they owned rather than leased their company real estate facilities.

Report Findings


  • 25% of the companies visited indicated that the market for their primary products/services was international.
  • 25% of the companies visited indicated that market for their primary products/services was National.
  • 35% of the companies visited indicated that market for their primary products/services was Regional (Tri-State – Chicago Metro).
  • 15% of the companies visited indicated that market for their primary products/services was local.


14 of the 20 companies interviewed indicated sales were increasing (70%), and 10 companies (45%) are planning for expansion in the next 3 years, compared to 42% in Illinois, 49% in the Midwest, and 48% in the U.S.  But 15 out of 20 companies indicated that they had no room for expansion at their existing facilities.  78% of companies indicated that there was no reason why Sugar Grove may not be considered for any future expansion.

Technology Concerns

47% of the companies visited, indicated that the community technology infrastructure was not adequate for their growth plans.  A wide variety of infrastructure concerns were noted at different locations – lack of sanitary sewer, lack of public transportation, spotty cell phone service, and fiber optic communications concerns.


75% of the Sugar Grove interviewed companies indicated that there were recruiting problems for positions or skills in their operations, compared to 61% in the State of Illinois.  The number of unfilled positions is increasing in 18% of the Sugar Grove companies interviewed, compared to 27% of companies in the State of Illinois.  59% of Sugar Grove interviewed companies indicated that their investment in employee training was increasing, compared to only 35% in Illinois; perhaps showing that Sugar Grove employers are attempting to overcome recruiting problems with an emphasis on employee training.

While recruitment problems persist throughout the U.S. (61% of companies), Illinois business is on par with the national level, but is doing a little better than the Midwest average (63%).

Sugar Grove Community Service

Community service ratings in Sugar Grove were generally positive. The only negative rating input came regarding lack of public transportation. Anecdotal comments also came in, about real estate taxes being too high in the community (residential and commercial/industrial), and across the state.

Solutions In Sugar Grove

Resulting from Business Outreach Interviews, 14 referrals were made to Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation Business Retention Allies as follows:

Waubonsee Community College

Career Development Center – 1 Referral

Business and Career Technology Department – 1 Referral

Community Development Department, Village of Sugar Grove– 2 Referrals

Metronet, Communication Network providers – 6 Referrals

Fox Valley Career Center2 Referrals

Valley Industrial Association 1 Referral

Real Estate Development Community 1 Referral

Project Pipeline

Companies may indicate plans to expand their facilities during a Sugar Grove Business Outreach interview. The SGEDC responds by offering information and the resources of relevant partners to facilitate a smooth and successful investment. The SGEDC continues to stay in touch regarding additional anticipated hiring at these operations (referring appropriate Business Retention Allies), and continues to work with these companies to support their expansion plans.

Other Sugar Grove Programs

The SGEDC has hosted a Holiday Social Event for the Sugar Grove business community for the last six years.  SGEDC has also established the website for the purpose of promoting continued business investment in the Sugar Grove community.  SGEDC will continue to research suitable programming to further enhance growth opportunities in Sugar Grove, both for existing and prospective Sugar Grove businesses.