Sugar Grove, Illinois is located 35 miles west of the City of Chicago with easy access to the East-West Tollway Research and Development corridor (I-88).  See, Chicago Market Locator Map. The Sugar Grove area is part of an increasingly rare geologic feature, the last remnant of the Kaneville Esker. This is a winding ridge of gravel and rocks created by a river of water flowing underneath a melting glacier some 13,000 years ago. Most of the esker is gone after years of gravel mining. On the steep slopes of the esker, there are two distinct forest habitats. The south slope, with relatively more exposure to sun and wind, is characterized by Oak-Hickory woodlands with an array of early spring wildflowers. The more-shaded slope on the north side of the esker is covered by Groves of Sugar Maple, from which the community gets its name.

Upon visiting Sugar Grove, you will see that our community has maintained small town charm while growing.  There are several large National Companies located within the community, including Scot Industries, J. A. Air, Inc. and Connor Company.  Sugar Grove is home to the Aurora Municipal Airport, which allows for easy access from the air. We are also proud to have one of the top 50 Private Golf Courses in the United States, per Golf Digest, Rich Harvest Farms, which hosts many national and international events, including the 2022 & 2023 LIV Golf Championships.