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The Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation’s mission is to
encourage the retention, expansion and attraction of business that will provide
an economic base and create job opportunities in Sugar Grove
while enhancing the quality of life for its residents and business partners.


  PARTNERSHIPS – establish stronger partnerships with other government entities within the Village of Sugar Grove. Share the vision of the EDC with other government bodies.  Together as a cohesive unit; we can accomplish the vision.
   Execute the Village of Sugar Grove’s comprehensive plan to attract employment and commercial tax revenue generators that will provide a diversified tax base for the community.
  Promote the retention and expansion of existing companies and recruit desirable industry that fuel job creation and economic growth.
  Communicate effectively the purpose of the Sugar Grove EDC with local businesses, residents, education and governmental groups.
   Make certain that local employers have access to workforce development resources.
   Grow the membership with strong and active members whose goal is assisting the Sugar Grove EDC to accomplish its primary goals and objectives.
   Strive to provide the best service possible to our Sugar grove EDC members, business prospects, local government entities, local businesses, property owners and Sugar Grove residents.

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